Drone video inspection to investigate the state of preservation of a building's floor slab

February 2024: Survey of the state of preservation of the floor of a building

Indoor inspection activities of environments with difficult access and significant hazard index now cover a great many sectors, as drones, in addition to ensuring the safety of workers, often have the ability to inspect and explore previously inaccessible spaces. During the inspection, Aesse Misure technicians were able to check in detail the condition of the slab of a building located above a canal.

Operating by means of a drone has enabled undeniable advantages:

1. Efficiency

Drones help make inspections more efficient by greatly reducing intervention time and very often avoiding the need for expensive infrastructure. On average, drone inspections are estimated to be twice as efficient as human inspections and 40 percent less expensive per meter of inspection.

2. Security

The type of entry and environment that characterizes the confined space often presents some level of risk to operators. Using a drone to collect visual data can reduce or even eliminate this risk altogether.

3. Quality of the data

The 4K resolution camera with which the drone is equipped allows for very high quality video. The drone is also capable of generating a 3D digital map of the route taken, which can possibly be reused in subsequent BIM or photogrammetry post-processing. The very high resolution with which the surveys are performed allows the operator to identify even the smallest defects. The digital map of the route, stored by the drone, also makes it possible to precisely locate the position of points of interest, within the route.

Gallery and the inspected attic. Tunnel and the inspected attic.Video Inspection_: water infiltration and rebar in a severe state of deteriorationPost production software: Inspector3D reconstruction, given by the point cloud generated by the Lidar embedded on the drone EEvidence of damage by drone video inspection


The activity performed allowed the client to inspect the attic and a part of the tunnel that had never been viewed before. The use of the drone made the video inspection extremely fast and safe, preventing technical personnel from having to break into the attic. The use of this new and innovative survey tool ultimately resulted in significant cost savings for the client.
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