On-site service: verification and calibration of vibration sensors

Periodic control activities of the systems
vibration protection on power trains Turbine - Generator

The objective of the intervention is to ensure the perfect
functionality and compliance with the technical specifications of the system
vibration protection mounted on power trains Turbine -

Generator and composed of relative, absolute vibration sensors,
humming and from the protection/monitoring rack.
The intervention, which normally takes place at the
periodic scheduled maintenance shutdowns,
allows you to detect faults in the instrumentation or, more frequently
faults such as damaged sensors and cables, disturbances
and interruptions in signal transmission. These malfunctions
are often caused by the same maintenance work
mechanics performed on the group.
A "photograph" is also provided as an additional service.
overall vibrational dynamic behavior of the
power train.

- Safe operation of critical equipment for the protection of the turbine.
- Minimization of the risks of false alarms/plant locks
due to instrumentation failure.
- Immediate repair/replacement work on the
faulty components.