ADASH presents the new vibration analyzer: A4500 VA5 PRO

A4500 VA5 Pro
Vibration, Noise, Thermography, Ultrasound

The new vibration analyzer developed by Adash (, the A4500 VA5 Pro, is a portable tool for the diagnosis of rotating machine faults, which represents the state of the art of the systems available on the market.

The A4500 is equipped with 4 inputs able to simultaneously acquire the vibration signals coming from the sensors directly connected to the instrument or using the dynamic outputs of the vibration protection systems installed, as permanent monitoring systems, on large machines.
The input channels can be coupled in AC and DC and it is therefore possible, in case, for example, signals from proximity sensors are acquired, to detect not only the vibration, but also the "gap" and therefore the position of the shaft inside the bearing and, more generally, to acquire "slow" signals, referable to process parameters.
The instrument is also equipped with an input for the survey of the rotational regime and the machine phase.
The A4500 is equipped with a camera and can be equipped with a thermal imaging camera capable of capturing infrared images.
The system is also able to perform noise analysis, both in the audible and ultrasound range. This peculiarity makes it suitable to be used also for the search of possible leaks inside the system.