Control Systems

Closed Loop Control Systems

The closed-loop control systems allow to define vibrational profiles of various types to be reproduced on a vibrating bench (shaker) in order to generate energetically known and controlled stresses through a feedback system (closed-loop control), so as to ensure that the level of stress actually delivered to the piece corresponds to the one desired in the test specification.
Modern closed loop vibration controllers provide the operator with a simple and intuitive user interface as well as a high level of control and safety when performing vibration testing.

In addition to the basic tests (Sine, Random, Shock), they allow you to set up combined tests (SoR, RoR, Gunfire, SRS, Road Simulation) that allow you to simulate a very wide range of vibration phenomena on the bench.

The data acquired during vibrational testing can be used for experimental modal analysis applications, Operating Deflection Shape, and vibrational fatigue simulation applications.

Aesse Misure markets some leading brands of closed loop control systems, characterized by remarkable ease of use and high reliability: the control system from M+P: VibPilot and that of Unholz Dickie: VWIN.


M+P has developed a unique software environment for all closed loop vibration control applications, characterized by a very high reliability and safety of the control, combined with a very simple and intuitive user interface.
The same software environment supports the following hardware platforms:
- VibPilot: control system capable of supporting 4 input channels - expandable to 8 - now available on the new high performance hardware platform.
- VibRunner: control system based on VXI architecture, able to manage up to 256 parallel channels.

In terms of software applications, in addition to Sine, Random, Shock, Sine Dwel, Mixed Mode (SoR, RoR, Gunfire), SRS, Roadload Simulation are also available. 


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