SoundCam searches for partial discharges and compressed air leaks

Detect air leaks and partial discharges

To ensure the safety and operational efficiency of facilities, it is necessary to assess their health status in a timely manner: now possible thanks to SoundCam

SoundCam Ultra is the first acoustic camera that can locate sounds and ultrasounds and display them in real time on the display. As easy to use as a smartphone, its lightweight and ergonomic design makes it perfect in all conditions of use. Measurement in the field of ultrasound is extremely reliable because it is immune to hostile environmental conditions and noise normally present in facilities. The detection of any anomalies can be carried out even at a great distance from the point of emission and without operational interruption.

Detecting compressed air leaks

Compressed air generation systems are widely used and critical in production processes within industrial facilities. Although leaks as low as 10 percent may be considered acceptable, the figure is often much higher, and figures as high as 40 or 50 percent are not uncommon. Because of such leaks, compressors are forced to operate at peak performance at all times, resulting in higher energy costs and increased wear and tear on their components. By successfully detecting and eliminating leaks, it is possible to have an average savings of 12 percent in energy costs, while also reducing compressor run times and extending their useful life

Fields of application:Soundcam_fuges_air_compressed

  • Hoses
  • Tubes
  • Fittings
  • Threaded joints
  • Quick releases
  • Condensate separators
  • Valves
  • Flanges
  • Seals
  • Pneumatic containment tanks

Identifying partial discharges

Partial discharges are localized electrical discharges in the dielectric insulation, limited to only part of the insulating material. The presence of partial discharges in low-, medium-, and high-voltage electrical installations is often the first symptom of wear and tear of equipment components. Over time, this deterioration process can lead to the occurrence of phenomena that can generate failures in the operation of the installation and sometimes even serious risks to operators.

It is not so unusual that it is precisely from this type of phenomenon that fire starts can arise with even very serious consequences. Early detection of ignition points is vital to avoid costly disruptions and plant downtime.

Points where partial discharges can be detected:

  • Electrical cabinets
  • Transformers
  • EnginesSoundCam_discharges_partial_AESSE_measures
  • Generators
  • Isolators
  • Pylons