Video Inspection on the state of integrity of the slab and underground rooms

Aesse Misure conducted a drone video inspection inside a power plant to check the condition of the underground room and the upper slab of the power plant, which has been decommissioned for several years.
Already during the video inspection, the client was able to view the condition of the room in all its details in real time via a monitor. The inspected underground room has a length of 80m, a width of 23m; while the underground tunnel is about 60m long and leads to the outside of the building. To enable greater reception of the data transmitted by the drone, the signal extender was lowered between the underground room and the upper room in a hole close to the entrance of the building.
Tunnel and point cloud video inspectionThe upper central span of building C1.
The use of the drone made video inspection extremely safe, avoiding the need for technical personnel to enter the interior of a degraded building. Thanks to the certified operator-assisted video inspection, for example, it was detected - remotely and safely - that on the right side of a cell there were three large water-filled holes in the floor, where it is assumed there were or still are electrical panels.
Below are some shots related to the inspection:
Holes in the floor in the right side span
Aesse Misure's certified operator took Ultra HD video and photographs at the points of interest and delivered to the client:
- the individual video inspections and full videos of all video inspections in MP4 format at a resolution of 4K
- photos of some details extrapolated from the videos
- The file in .LAS format for 3D modeling.

The goal set with the client was achieved as it was possible to inspect the entire C1 building and characterize its current state. The use of the drone made the video inspection extremely safe, preventing technical personnel from having to enter the interior. In addition, thanks to its advanced technical features, it was possible to carry out surveys with a detail that is difficult to obtain in any other way. Thanks to the video, images and 3D model, maintenance technicians will be able to carry out all the necessary in-depth investigations.

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