Video Inspection of Cooling Towers

Two days of work, 18 flight missions and as many as 10 cooling towers inspected. How was this possible?

The objective of the visual inspection was to check the condition of the reinforced concrete inside the ten towers by specifically inspecting the central corners on either side. We did this without the need to build expensive and challenging scaffolding but simply waiting for the client's consent to initiate the video inspections by Drone. During the briefing, the client provided essential information about the points to be inspected. The Aesse Misure technician took Ultra HD videos and photographs at the points of interest.
drone and equipment needed for video inspection in cooling towers.
Ten cooling towers were inspected in two days of work; there were 18 flight missions. There was no need to build scaffolding or open permits to work in the confined spaces, resulting in a time saving on intervention time.
Aesse Misure's certified operator took Ultra HD video and photographs at the points of interest and, at the end of the video inspection, directly on site, delivered all the footage and files to the client on a portable Hard Disk: within the created folders, he installed the post production software that allows viewing and processing:

- the individual video inspections and full videos of all video inspections in MP4 at a resolution of 4K
- the photos of some details extrapolated from the videos
- the file in .LAS format for 3D modeling.

The video inspection conducted by Aesse Misura, with an innovative drone remotely piloted by a certified operator, succeeded in lowering the risks borne by a technician and eliminating the need for special permits for access to the inspected area, providing the client with significant savings in time and execution costs. Below are some images of internal flight.

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