Industrial Inspections

Drone Inspection Services (A.P.R.)

A remote piloted aircraft or APR, commonly known as a drone, is a flying device designed to carry different types of cameras professionally called payload, controlled by a pilot on the ground. Its use in the industrial field is now an established reality. What is making it indispensable are the data it manages to obtain and the versatility in processing. The results obtained from an inspection or monitoring with A.P.R. allow the companies a substantial economic saving and a reduction in working hours.


Aesse Misure, with its fleet of A.P.R., meets customers operating in the following fields:

Transmission and distribution.
The use of the drone in this area makes it possible to detect a possible power line failure. The time for damage detection is drastically reduced, as are costs and personnel.
Thanks to powerful cameras installed on the drones, it will be possible to detect the state of degradation and wear of any structure or power line.

Photovoltaic , Wind
The drone comes to the rescue in inspections and monitoring of photovoltaic systems and wind turbines.
Currently the method of inspection on a wind turbine blade requires the presence of a technician on top of the structure with a not underestimated health risk.
Thanks to the high detail of the photos of the camera installed on the drone it will be possible to detect any damage to the wind turbine blade.
With the installation on the drone of a thermal chamber it will be possible with a simple flight called Mission to identify the faulty cells in a photovoltaic system.

Oil & Gas
In this context the use of the drone can perform several activities depending on the configuration of the chamber:

  • Inspection of chimneys/torches: with the use and not of thermal chambers it will be possible to identify malfunctions or structural damage, without the use of personnel at high altitudes and keeping the system running.
  • Gas and Oil transport piping inspection: using a thermal chamber it will be possible to detect a leak, while installing a high zoom chamber it will be possible to check the coimbientation status of the same. 

To conclude the use of the drone (A.P.R.) in these fields has the possibility to: reduce the risk for operators who will have to work in dangerous and difficult to reach areas, reduce inspection costs related to the rental of aerial platforms and scaffolding, reduce inspection time.

Aesse Misure is authorized by Enac to operate in industrial scenarios. The pilots are certified and authorized.
The drones (A.P.R.) of the fleet and pilots (S.A.P.R.) are insured against damage to persons or property.

In January 2020 we obtained the Cepas Bureau Veritas certification with specialization in: Large industrial enterprises.

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