Vibrating benches

Vibrating benches

Aesse Misure has been dealing for decades with vibrational qualification applications and supply of electrodynamic vibrating benches, distributing for the Italian market high quality and reliability products, able to meet the most demanding specifications of the modern mechanical, automotive and aerospace industries:

ETS, a company based in China, produces a wide range of vibratory benches with western technology, of excellent performance and at extremely attractive prices.

Significant installations are already present on the Italian territory to the satisfaction of end customers.

Aesse Misure provides all the specialist assistance in all phases of the supply: analysis of technical specifications, installation and testing, personnel training, specialist assistance, preventive and corrective maintenance onsite and/or in its own service laboratory.

The range of models of vibrating benches that Aesse Misure can propose is extremely wide, from vibrating benches of few N to permanent magnet, up to large water-cooled vibrators of 200000 N, for tests in military, aerospace, automotive or on large structures.
The following types of shakers can be supplied:
- Permanent magnet electrodynamic shakers for dynamic solloecitation of structures and modal analysis tested.
- Conventional electrodynamic shakers for vibrational qualification tests, all sizes, with stroke up to 3" pk-pk.
- Integrated electrodynamic shakers with slip table (horizontal table), for tests on three axes, also equipped with the appropriate accessories for the connection with climatic chambers, for the execution of combined thermal-vibrational tests.
- Electrodynamic "silent" shakers for tests involving acoustic measurement on components: typical application in the automotive sector is Squeek&Rattle measurement.
- Long stroke electrodynamic shakers for shock tests on automotive components (e.g. air bags, fuel switches, etc.).
Together with shakers, Aesse Misure proposes M+P closed loop control systems for basic applications (sine, random, shock) or for more sophisticated applications, such as Sine on Random, SRS, Roadload Replication.


ETS offers vibrating benches in a range from 2000 N to (440 lb) to 180000 N (40000 lb), thus covering all typical vibrational qualification applications in the industrial field.

The range of vibrating benches consists of:
- L series: 2000 to 6000 N (440-1300 lb) shakers.
- M series: shakers from 10000 to 70000 N (2200 - 15400 lb).
- H Series: water cooled shakers from 100000 to 180000 N (22000 - 40000 lb).
- LS series: long stroke shaker (3.5" - 90 mm).

All models are also available in an integrated version with slip table, to perform vibration tests on three axes.
ETS offers two types of slip tables with magnesium or aluminium plate and a very wide range of sizes:
- GT Series: standard series for conventional
applications - BT Series: with hydrostatic bearings, for high bending moments.
For all models, both vertical and horizontal, the necessary accessories for connection to a climatic chamber are available.
To complete the technical offer, ETS produces head expanders, head extender for connection with climatic chamber, and any plate or fixture customized according to specific customer needs.
The modular high-efficiency ETS amplifiers are also frequently used to upgrade the power electronics of old installations, including those of other manufacturers.


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