Specialist services

Specialist services

After-sales service and customer support represent a strong point of Aesse Misure: customer satisfaction depends not only on the quality of the product itself, but also on the possibility of fully exploiting its potential, through fast learning and - when fully operational - appropriate and safe use.

The offer of Aesse Misure is therefore divided into the following services:

Installation and testing: in relation to the level of complexity of the supplied instrumentation, Aesse Misure proposes the onsite installation and testing service of the instrumentation, which includes assembly activities, cabling, functional verification and final testing of the instrumentation.

Specialized consulting: thanks to the competence of its staff, Aesse Misure proposes itself as a partner of the customer in the solution of complex problems, through specialized consulting activities that cover a wide range of applications, from predictive maintenance, to dynamic characterization of structures, to acoustic-vibrational troubleshooting. The flexibility of our structure allows us to respond very quickly for the solution of urgent problems, as to undertake complex consulting activities on medium-long term projects.

After-sales support: customer satisfaction is strongly linked to the supplier's ability to accompany the customer in the sometimes tiring activity of introducing new methodologies within the company. The after-sales support, real and not virtual, becomes the key to success and Aesse Misure, aware of its importance, offers it free of charge for the duration of the first year after installation. It is also articulated in the training of the technical staff through which all the theoretical and applicative notions necessary for a full and profitable use of the instrumentation are transferred to the customer. Aesse Misure also organizes specialized and applicative training courses.

Repairs: Aesse Misure has a laboratory equipped for the local repair of the commercialized instrumentation. An efficient repair order management service minimizes repair time. Thanks to the expertise of the personnel in charge, it is possible to carry out rapid fault diagnoses and carry out any repair work within a short time.

Service contracts: Aesse Misure offers its customers technical assistance contracts, especially for vibrating benches and vibration monitoring systems, which include scheduled preventive maintenance at the customer's premises, periodic functional tests, priority intervention in case of failure and a series of services that allow to maximize the efficiency of the instrumentation, minimizing the risk of sudden failures. Together with hardware contracts, software contracts are stipulated on application packages, which include updating to the latest versions, specialist support, assistance in case of computer failures.

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