Quality control in production line

Quality control in production line

The AS Smart system is a hardware and software product specifically designed for end-of-line quality control applications based on acoustical-vibrational measurements.

The AS Smart system, whose first supplies date back to 1995, is completely developed in Italy by Aesse Misure, which takes care of all the new developments - which always arise from the needs of customers - and specialist support. 

The system is based on the evidence that an industrial component that presents - at the end of the production cycle - an anomalous noise level compared to the average, must be identified and discarded as defective, both because of its intrinsic excessive noise level and because this noise level could be an indication of future serious malfunctions.

The system allows to program automatic test cycles that, through the detection of vibrations and/or noise under various operating conditions and their comparison with appropriate threshold values, allow to determine a PASS/FAIL outcome of the product.
AS Smart combines very sophisticated measurement and processing techniques for acoustic-vibratory signals normally only available on R&D analyzers, a high degree of automation (through PLC dialogue) and an extremely simple user interface, so that it can be used even by inexperienced operators.

Possibility to read barcodes, results logging functions, customizable messages for the operator, are standard functions of the system that make it very easy to apply to an automatic production cycle.
The AS Smart system has already been successfully applied to various types of products (valves, electric motors, turbine blades, gearboxes, etc.), but it finds in the quality control of mechanical transmissions the most congenial application and the one with the largest installed base.


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