Sensors & Transmitters

Sensors and Transmitters

Aesse Misure markets a very wide range of sensors for vibration measurement in the industrial field.

We provide our customers with all the technical and specialized support for a correct choice of the most suitable sensor with respect to the type of application, identifying each time the most valid solution in terms of price-performance ratio, taking into account all the factors involved:
temperature, wiring, display environment, compatibility with panel mounted instrumentation.


The CTC provides a series of sensors with 4-20mA output, which can be sent directly to the control PLC, thus avoiding all the costs of conditioning and signal processing systems.
Both accelerometers and velocimeters are available.
Wide choice of measurement range, frequency band and output signal (Peak or RMS) to cover a wide range of applications.
Also available in ATEX version, intrinsically safe.

An interesting novelty proposed by the company CTC is the 4-20 mA transmitters with dynamic output in mV. These sensors allow, on the one hand, to transmit the vibrational signal in 4-20 mA to the control system and, on the other hand, to use the dynamic output in mV to perform diagnostics with any FFT analyzer without using the OUTDOOR CONDITIONER.

The vibration transmitters of the LP40x series are made with a new technology that allows them to transmit both signals. No more obsolete external "boxes" sensitive to electromagnetic interference, no more noise amplified by the integration of the signal away from the sensor, now everything is incorporated into the transmitter, thus ensuring greater reliability and lower cost of the measurement chain.

Higher immunity to noise
Lower cost of the measurement
chain Higher reliability
Higher system MTBF


CTC produces a very wide and interesting range of accelerometers, all with competitive costs and unconditional lifetime warranty, absolutely perfect for industrial applications. 

The CTC range includes:

- Accelerometers 100mV/g general purpose, with connector or integral cable.
- Premium and Low cost 100mV/g accelerometers, with connector or integral cable.
- Accelerometers 100mV/g, temperature up to 150° continuous, with connector or integral cable.
- High sensitivity accelerometers 500 mV/g, with connector or integral cable.
- Triaxial accelerometers.
- Dual Accelerometers Acceleration/temperature.
- Intrinsically safe models. (Atex)

A series of integrated accelerometers for speed measurement is also available.
Please visit the site for all available mounting accessories.


Meggitt provides various models of accelerometers and velocimeters for high - very high temperature applications (or - on the contrary - for cryogenic applications) in industrial environments, characterized by extreme reliability, for continuous use for decades in fault-free operating conditions.

These sensors are widely used by OEMs for critical applications such as gas turbine monitoring.
The entire measuring chain (sensor, cable, charge amplifier) is designed to ensure maximum reliability and immunity from external disturbances.

Vibro-Meter also produces sensors certified for nuclear applications.


CTC produces a very interesting range of piezoelectric velocimeters, all with competitive costs and lifetime warranty, absolutely perfect for industrial applications, with connector or integral cable and sensitivity of 4 mv/mm/sec, in standard or ATEX version.

Meggitt, on the other hand, produces traditional coil-type velocimeters which are particularly suitable for measuring vibrations on low-speed rotating machines (e.g. water or steam turbines).
The CV21x series models do not require power supply and have a very low noise floor: they are also available in ATEX and high temperature versions.


Meggitt has a unique technology for dynamic pressure measurement in very high temperature environments. 

These sensors are widely used by major gas turbine manufacturers (Siemens, GE, Alstom, Mitsubishi, etc.) to control combustion in gas turbines (humming phenomena), but they also have applications in the field of combustion research and development.
The CP series sensors are today the only ones in the world able to guarantee reliability and durability in extreme environments (some models are qualified for continuous exposure to temperatures of 700°).
All are equipped with Atex certification for explosive environments.

The CP103 and CP106 sensors are OEM qualified for the LM2500, LM6000 and LMS100 series gas turbines (see downloadable Data Sheet VM-Sensors-for-LM-v1.0.pdf) and can be supplied directly to end users.

(soon the data sheet of the new CP704 sensor)


The company CTC produces a series of sensors capable of simultaneously acquiring the vibrational level and temperature. 

The sensor is easy to install, in fact it is sufficient to operate on the support a small M6 hole, a few millimeters deep, which is used as an attachment point.


The Agate calibrator AT-2030, is a portable instrument able to perform in the field the complete calibration of a wide range of vibration sensors (accelerometers, velocimeters, displacement sensors), with weight up to 500 gr.

In the frequency range 30 Hz - 2 KHz it guarantees an accuracy of +/- 3%, while in the range 20 - 20000 Hz an accuracy of +/- 1 dB.
For the calibration of the non-contact sensors, it has a suitable access, complete with micrometer, for easy mounting and adjustment.


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