Verification of the state of integrity of the Vallone Scocchera channel by video inspection with drone

Video Inspection for investigation of the state of integrity of the Vallone Scocchera canal near the municipality of San Salvatore Telesino, province of Benevento

The Sannio Alifano Land Reclamation Consortium is a Public Economic Entity administered by the elected representatives of all property owners benefiting from hydraulic reclamation and irrigation activities and is responsible for the protection and enhancement of the rural territory. It carries out the functions and tasks assigned to it by land reclamation laws, both state and regional, and by the Statute of the Authority, which are essentially attributable to a permanent public activity of conservation, valorization and protection of the territory, rational use of water resources for agricultural use and protection of the rural environment

The objective of the visual inspection was to check the general condition of the canal that runs under the municipality with a focus on the sewage pipes that flow into it.

Modes of operation

Once permission was obtained from the client to proceed with the video inspection, flight activity was planned to be able to cover the entire length of the canal as requested by the client. The inspected culvert has a variable size in its entire length. Wells were opened at an approximate distance of 150/200 cm from each other. During the video inspection, the client was able to view the condition of the canal in all its details via a monitor.
A total of 13 flight missions with a total working duration of 8 hours were required to cover the 1100 m of channel.
In all flight missions, a signal range extender was used between the radio control and the drone in order to have no signal disturbance.

Flight mission preparation:

Video Drone inspection of a pipelineChannel input

3D reconstruction of the inspected route from the pipeline inlet to the overflow sump:

3D reconstruction of the inspected route from the pipeline inlet to the overflow sump

What was detected in the video inspection:

  • During the course of the channel, many holes were found on the side walls with private drainage pipes or large pipes obstructing the passage of water during floods.
  • Holes in walls presumably connected to adjacent dwellings
  • An iron inspection slab to the channel in the upper slab, which on the surface is located inside the yard of a house
  • Rusty exposed beams in the slab
  • Side drain holes and a plastic pipe running from one wall to the other
  • Secondary pipeline obstructed by environmental material 22m from manhole to archway
  • Two sewer pipes were found running the full width of the canal going to obstruct the passage of water during floods.
    One of these two is also broken and discharges directly into the canal
  • Collapse of the inspection manhole of the second canal with large debris obstructing the passage of water.
  • We found some obvious seepage problems on the walls and upper slab

In the images below, a gallery, of the issues encountered.

Video Duct Pipeline Inspection - Infiltration Pipe transverse to the pipeline with sediment accumulation A large crack on the slab in the reinforced concrete plus exposed rusted beams. Manhole failure plus debris obstructing water passage Side holes Broken pipe spilling inside the canal Secondary pipeline obstructed by environmental material 22m from manhole to archway

The goal set with the client was achieved. It was possible to inspect the entire length of the Vallone Scocchera canal and to view its current state.
The use of the drone made the video inspection extremely safe, preventing technical personnel from having to go inside. Thanks to its advanced technical features, it was possible to survey with a detail that is difficult to obtain otherwise. Thanks to the video, images and 3D model, the technicians of the Sannio Alifano Land Reclamation Consortium will be able to carry out all the necessary in-depth investigations.


All captured material was provided on-site directly to the client's hard disk:

1. Post production and processing software
2. All flights made divided into the different folders with inside,
Within them will be:
The file to be used in the Inspector 23.9 software where you will be able to view and process the individual video inspections, the full videos of all video inspections in MP4 at a resolution of 4K, photos of some of the details extrapolated from the videos, and the file in .LAS format for 3D modeling.


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