Video inspections compared


We compared the main tools used, highlighting merits and demerits of the different solutions that can be adopted. Video inspection of confined spaces is a visual investigation of the state of pipelines, pipes, tanks, silos, boilers...and any environment, civil or industrial, that needs a health and maintenance check. Nowadays we have at ... Read more

Video Drone Inspections in Confined Environments


Tell us about your need. Request a free quote without obligation, we will provide you with all the information related to the video inspection service. Along the way the video inspection is RECORDED producing a FILM that is delivered to the customer. In addition, PHOTOGRAPHS of the most interesting spots can be taken. Thanks to the power of machine vision and LiDAR (light Detection ... Read more

Aesse Misure offers a new drone inspection service (A.P.R.)

Aesse Misure in 2019 was authorized by ENAC to operate in industrial scenarios for overhead inspections using professional drones. With our fleet we are able to perform inspections and provide reporting in the following sectors: Transmission and distribution (power lines). Photovoltaic Wind Oil & Gas The use of drone (A.P.R.) in these ... Read more

Distant but always close

  The Aesse Measurements and Aesse Environment Team remains united at all times. Even in a difficult time, our customer service remains a priority. With remote activities, we guarantee personalized assistance for every need. For more information, our office will remain open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. We will restart more ... Read more

ADASH presents the new vibration analyzer: A4500 VA5 PRO

A4500 VA5 Pro Vibration, Noise, Thermography, Ultrasound The new vibration analyzer developed by Adash (, the A4500 VA5 Pro, is a portable instrument for diagnosing anomalies in rotating machinery, representing the state of the art of systems available on the market. The A4500 is equipped with 4 inputs capable of simultaneously acquiring vibrational signals ... Read more

On-site service: verification and calibration of vibration sensors

Periodic inspection activities of vibration protection systems on Turbine - Generator power trains The objective of the intervention is to ensure the perfect functionality and compliance with the technical specifications of the vibration protection system mounted on Turbine - Generator power trains and consisting of the relative, absolute, humming vibration sensors and the rack ... Read more

On-site service: speed sensor verification

Frequency Generator IST-101 Aesse Measures offers a new onsite service to verify the operation of Overspeed system speed and monitoring sensors. With the new 3-channel Frequency Generator from Istec International, you have the opportunity to test the response of individual speed sensors and test different logic combinations ... Read more